Style , Perfection , Art !

Established in 1993, EURO DESIGN Ltd has always been loyal to its guide: ” Living by art!”.

EURO DESIGN is a glass manufacturer, a team of skilled designers, painters and glass makers, who succeded to turn their work into masterpiece. Each of EURO DESIGN products defines an emotion. An amaizing adventure of color and shape, enchanting the spirit: Galle, Daum-Nancy and Schneider style hand-made decorative multi-layered glassware, such as lamps, vases, appliques, ceiling lamps, candelabras, fruit-bowls, candy boxes, plantes, ashtrays a.s.o., all unique or limited series ones, mainly aimed for the export market. EURO DESIGN is also manufacturing fusioned glass and stained glass by the classic or Tiffany tehnology. Their products are in great demand all over the world.

Quality , Originality , Art !

Each of Euro Design products defines an emotion.

An amazing adventure of color and shape,enchanting the spirit: Galle,Daun-Nancy and Schnider style hand-made decorative multi-layerd glassware,such as lamps,vases,appliques,ceilinglamps,candelabras,fruit-balls,candy boxes,plates,ashtreys,a.s.o.,all unique or limited series ones,mainly aimed for the export market.Unrepeatable as art itself.

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Euro Design Buzau

Established in 1993,Euro Design Ltd has allways been loyal to its guide: "Living by art!"

Euro Design Ltd its a glass manufacturer,of witch craftmanship has allready becamed art.A team of skilled designers,painters and glass makers,who succeded to turn their work into masterpiece.



Euro Design glassware is in great demand all over the world.Companies from Japan, France, Italy, United Kingdom, Germany, Grece, Canada, U.S.A. choose to be Euro Design Ltd long term customers.

Because succes is to be searched but together!

Quality Services

We are manufacturer of decorative glass such as:

  • galle type laminated decorative glass, chandeliers, ceilings, wall aplys, lamps, vases, bowls, ashtrays, etc.., in various forms and color combinations.
  • we manufacture also reproductions of original in shapes and decoration required.
  • glass fusion (trays and panels) with artistic decoration
  • stained glass
  • custom-orders
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